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Jenleez (M)
26 yr. Old
Vermont State Parks, Jamaica.
Sararashide (F)
27 yr. Old
saint, Senegal.
Bafi Star Lady
  Nakimera (F) 26 yrs
Bafi Star Gent
    Michealscot1980 (M) 34 yrs
Bafi VIP
   Shokespecy  (F) 20 yr. Old

making the points and getting paid

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Member Age Location
Jenleez (m) 26 Vermont State Parks, Jamaica
Sararashide (f) 27 saint, Senegal
Mirabel22 (f) 26 others, United States
Gorge (m) 31 dallas, United States
Cindygirl123 (f) 25 new city, United States
Monika1000 (f) 24 newyork, United States
Anabel (f) 26 abijan, Cote d'Ivoire
DivinaKona (f) 26 abiddjan, Cote d'Ivoire
Abuo*S (m) 23 mukono, Uganda
Janny (f) 33 madrid, Spain

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